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English training courses and classes

We offer general courses of 5 different levels in English by Anglo-Saxon teachers (English, American...) to best adapt to your needs, preferences and learning goals.

The highlight of our various courses in English is our specific programs focused on the fields of tourism, hospiitality, legal language, business, public speaking, as well as international negotiations.


Taking the TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) test will get you an assessment score that indicates your language level in English. Here, it's not about "passing" or "failing", but it's an assessment of how well you communicate in English.  The TOEIC Score Descriptors interpret your score on the test and will allow, for example, a business manager or recruiter to find out if you have the skills to communicate effectively in the international workplace. Some companies even establish a minimum TOEIC score needed before making recruitment and promotion decisions for job positions requiring good English language skills.
Public Speaking in English

Better public speaking in English in both professional and social situations, improvising with elegance and control,  creating your own style...this is what we have in store for you through our English courses.

Intercultural Management and Negotiation in English

Intercultural training courses are planned and developed to enable trainees and students to polish their verbal exchanges with the various Anglophone interlocutors with whom they will be in contact.

Indeed, beyond the language, structured through grammar and vocabulary, it is necessary to give related tools in terms of nonverbal behavior, to be able to grasp and understand the interlocuters' socio-cultural background in order to lift communication obstacles, avoid frustrations and misinterpretations.

Our method of  English learning based on the analysis of concrete cases is applied in the following language courses:
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