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Real Estate Service Abroad

Private sale of real estate from individuals located in England, Germany, Spain and Israel.

We provide real estate consultancy (from-owner-to-owner sale), we do not act as real estate agent with the sellers, but as a representative.

Free telephone appointment seven days a week at 06 09 83 12 15.

1st interview of about 2 hours

 Who we are, presentation of our philosophy and methods

 Creation of file

 Precise definition of the project, budget and personal environment

 A brief information about the market, the average private sale price of properties corresponding the most to your criteria, the pitfalls to avoid, and information about banking options

 Answers to your questions

 1st proposal of properties for sale at the time of the interview, already selected by our services

Following the 1st interview:

- Follow up by e-mail and phone

- Property search at market price, exclusively from individual owners, translation of ads

- Possibility to modify at any time one or more of your criteria

2nd interview:

 Presentation of complete files (several photos taken on site by our teams, property tax charges and real taxes,  1st estimate of work based on Western standards work) of 3 to 8 properties  corresponding the most to your criteria and to the reality of the market

 Specific discussion about the characteristics of the properties in order to refine your project

 Financial simulation during the interview according to potential investment costs and different personal characteristics (contributions, family situations...)

 Selection of top "3"

 Answers to the questions, especially concerning the classical course of an acquisition

Ex• Planation of the process of accompanying on site

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