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formation et cours hébreu à Levallois proche Paris et Neuilly pour particuliers et sociétés
Hebrew (Ivrit) training courses and classes

Eliezer Ben Yehuda (1858-1922) pioneered the movement for the revival of Hebrew as a spoken language. Having immigrated to Israel in 1881, he defended the use of Hebrew in homes and schools, created thousands of new words (1890), and wrote several volumes of a complete dictionary of ancient and modern Hebrew (started in 1910 and completed by his second wife and son in 1959).

Of course, Ben Yehuda was inspired by Biblical Hebrew to carry out his work and he also borrowed thousands of words from Arabic, Aramaic and Judeo-languages.

Hebrew is one of the two official languages of the State of Israel, along with Arabic.
Hebrew training courses and classes teach you the basics of the language in terms of vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. Discover our training courses & classes of Hebrew in Levallois near Paris and Neuilly-sur-Seine.

Your Hebrew language learning can be considerably simplified if you decide to take one of the following courses:

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