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In accordance with the national curriculum, the English course aims at acquiring a level equivalent to level A1 or A2 (according to the cognitive abilities and interests of the student) of the Common European Framework Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR).
Competences worked on:
-Listen and understand (oral comprehension)
-Speaking continuously (oral expression)
-Writing (written expression)
-Reading (written comprehension, oral expression)
-React and dialogue
-Discover cultural aspects
In the program:
- Essential revision of basic rules of grammar, syntactic functions and categories of grammar
-Enrichment of the usual lexicon: vocabulary and spelling
-Search for information in written documents
-Search for information in audio recordings
- Writing documents
- Simple oral presentation (speaking, reading aloud, dialogues, poems, songs)
-Oral and written Presentations (report, explanatory development)
-Geographical references historical and cultural
- Class project to define (e.g., video editing, output, film projection)
- Quarterly evaluations and competitions
Method and Supplies:
-Explication of the teacher
-Watching videos
-Listening to songs
-Providing copies of texts
Rates and Conditions)
360€ per year (30 hours)
Any missed course, except justified by illness, will not be refunded
A typical session contains the following sequences: conversation, homework check, culture, vocabulary, reading / grammar, games, homework / support
School supplies needed: pens, pencils, eraser and 1 large notebook (preferably 24 x 32)
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