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Hebrew Class/ Beginners level/ OULPAN HEBREW                  Program of 47 hours (45h +2 evenings Rak Ivrit)

Required Level: None


-Acquire the basics

-Enter à new vocabulary

-Know therules of grammar

-Give the trainee confidence through dialog and role plays.

In the program:

-Writing the hebrew alphabet

-The hebrew vowels

-Basics vocabulary

-Notions of grammar

-Basics verbs,first and 2nde group conjugation in the present

-Conversation with acquired vocabulary

-Work on the 4 aspects of the language:

       *Understanding ,Speaking, Writing and Reading


The learning will be done alternating a written and oral work, animation and explanations by an experienced teacher.

Role plays, teaching materials: A lesson book & a directory for vocabulary will be provided.

Pens of differrent colours, pencils and eraser, a pocket storing A4 documents, books, dictionary.

Prices and Condition for individuals:

540€ TTC/ Educational support is the responsability of the student

Prices and conditions for compagnies:

1450€ HT/ Educational support provided

Any missed classes by the student will not be refunded.

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